Getting Started

How does RoundTablesTM work?

RoundTablesTM is an asset management technology platform designed to democratize access to capital. As a registered User of RoundTablesTM, institutional investment professionals are plugged into our proprietary network of Limited Partners, General Partners, and other industry participants. In RoundTablesTM, Limited Partners have the unique ability to streamline investor relations, to broaden investment pipelines, and to manage events, polls, and RFPs in a centralized ecosystem. General Partners attain these benefits too and are able to proactively connect with Limited Partners to efficiently and economically facilitate fundraising cycles.

How do I register on RoundTablesTM?

RoundTablesTM is an invitation-only ecosystem. Creating a profile requires an invitation from an existing User and a valid email address. You’ll also need to create a password and to agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once you have verified your email address, we’ll send you a welcome email explaining the functionality of the system.

Which Organization should I register under?

If your Organization does not exist on RoundTablesTM, please create a new Organizational profile. If your Organization does exist, you will need approval from your Organization’s Primary Administrator to join.

As an Administrator of my Organization, how do I edit permissions for Members of my Organization?

Within the dropdown menu on the top-right of each page, select ‘Organization Permissions’. This interface allows current Administrators to add or remove permissions and roles to current Members of their Organization.


I was forwarded the link to a Survey from a colleague. I successfully registered on RoundTablesTM, but I don’t have access to take the Survey. Who do I contact?

For security purposes, access to the Survey is limited to those individuals who were identified by Limited Partners as primary contacts at your Organization. If you did not receive the Survey invitation email directly from the Limited Partner, please email Lenox Park Solutions.

Should I fill out the optional fields in the Survey?

Some questions are marked as optional and are not required under the MWBE reporting statute. This information helps Limited Partners and Lenox Park Solutions determine the best ways to increase diversity across all levels of the marketplace, so we appreciate your voluntary responses, but there are no consequences for declining to answer.

There is certain mandatory information asked in the Survey which our Organization does not publicly release. How should I proceed in completing the Survey?

All the information submitted in the Survey will only be accessible to the Limited Partner and Lenox Park Solutions. You are encouraged to submit all information available as it will assist in legislative efforts. If you have additional questions, please contact Lenox Park Solutions.

How I can download a copy of my Survey responses?

Once you submit your Survey, you will have the ability to download your responses in PDF format by clicking the ”PDF” button at the bottom of the Survey response screen.

Can I get a blank PDF/Word version of the Survey in order to distribute internally across my firm?

Yes, please email Lenox Park Solutions to obtain a PDF copy of the Survey. However, all official Survey responses must be submitted through RoundTablesTM.